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  • $15.00 $10.99
    Three hand-soaps presented in a beautiful box, ready to give as a gift!  You will love the moisturizing and creamy, triple milled natural soap overflowing with Royal Jelly, Shea Butter, and Honey to rejuvenate and freshen dry, tired skin. Added also are Vitamin E, a natural antioxidant, and olive oil to condition and protect. This natural gentle soap will cleanse, condition, and re-hydrate thirsty skin. We use no animal products or testing. Made in USA. Packaging made with recyclable materials. Now Available in Honey fragrance.
  • $50.00
    The 326 Piece First Aid Kit Hard Case is a solid kit complete with the essentials needed for everyday cuts and scrapes as well as emergency situations. Packaged in a multi-compartment organizer case, this kit keeps all your first aid items right where you need them. It can be easily stored and is even designed to be mounted on a wall or cabinet. OSHA/ANSI approved, this first aid kit keeps you ready when accidents or emergencies happen.
  • $160.00 $40.00
    This 4 Bottle Bundle include one (1) Seychelle® Extreme Sport Water Bottle in each color Black, Pink & White, Royal Blue, and Pink. The 20 oz. Seychelle® Extreme Sport Water Bottle is designed using a combination of both Advanced and Radiological filters. The Seychelle® Extreme Sport Water Bottle filters are perfect when using water of an unknown quality, or emergency preparedness, when survival is threatened by earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, fires, radiological contamination or terrorism.  
  • $23.00 $9.97
    Hand crafted by some lovely and talented ladies in Nepal, these wool bags are "the bees knees!" The wool is boiled and dyed, cut and stitched into these sturdy little zippered purses. A great gift filled with a Bee Lotion Bar, Bar of Soap, and Lip Butter. Vanilla & Vanilla Almond fragrance/ flavor combination.

  • $34.95 $16.97
    For the Bearded Man in your Life! Bee Manly 3/pc Gift Set: This set includes the ORGANIC Beard Balm and Natural Lip Butter with the added benefit of the Bee Manly Foot Bar!
  • $45.00 $36.99
    This Camping/ On the Go Bundle includes Bobs Butt Wipes and one (1) Portable toilet lid cover for a 6 Gallon Bucket. For hunting, fishing, boating, and any other time you want to make sure you are clean, reach no farther than Bob’s Butt Wipes.
  • $85.00
    Strengthen and protect your health with Optivida Health’s Complete Essentials – The perfect blend of the highest potency whole food vitamins and minerals coupled with powerful detoxifying agents.
  • $200.00
    With this special offer you will receive six (6) 16 oz.  Silver Solution Liquid,  four (4) 4 oz. Silver Solution Gel, one (1) Teaching Seminar with Dr. Sherrill Sellman DVD, & one (1) Silver: Nature’s Natural Healer book.

  • $5.00
    (1) 16oz Bottle Activz Liquid
    (1) 4oz Tub Activz Gel
    (1) Package Activz Silver Wipes
    (1) Box Activz Silver Lozenges
    (1) Tube Activz Silver Toothpaste
    (1) Bonus Travel Safe Kit by Montel Williams
  • $100.00
    With this special offer you will receive three (3) 16 oz.  Silver Solution Liquid,  two (2) 4 oz. Silver Solution Gel, & one (1) Teaching Seminar with Dr. Sherrill Sellman DVD.
  • $50.00 $35.00
    New Formula! Now Divine Health® Fermented Green Supremefood comes in Apple Cinnamon flavor! For all of you who want the benefits of fermented superfoods and enjoy the taste of Apple Cinnamon, you will love this. Each Scoop Contains the Antioxidant Equivalency of 6 Servings of Vegetables. USDA certified organic. Made with Non-GMO ingredients. Gluten free. Does not contain dairy, soy, or nightshades.
  • $15.00 $5.00
    Honey House Fresh-Honey Liquid Soap!  It is thick, rich, and oh so luscious!  So much more than a grocery store item! The Bee Fresh Liquid Hand and Body Soap is packaged in a lovely ruby colored apothecary bottle. Brimming with nutrients and natural moisturizing oil, the Honey House Liquid hand and body soap will take you to another level of self-indulgence. The sweet soothing Almond Butter fragrance lingers long after you wash. Almond Oil, Coconut Oil and Honey are natural Humectants that trap moisture in your skin, keeping it smooth and glowing with heath! EDTA and Paraben free and never tested on animals. Available in Almond Butter fragrance. 7 ounce bottles.