Lori Graham Bakker, is a Mom, grandmother, wife, founder and President of Lori’s House, and the co-host of The Jim Bakker Show.  Her presence at Morningside brings to light the power of God’s hand and heart as she offers her Biblical and experienced wisdom and insight to thousands.

“I have always loved ministering to women, and this show is a prophecy coming to pass to have my heart touch the hearts of women worldwide.”

If you need encouragement, keeping it real, a smile at the challenges we face day to day and how to keep Jesus at the center of it all, please join us every Wednesday on the PTL Network!

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Doorkeepers of Revival - Pastor Kim Owens

Lori welcomes Pastor Kim Owens from Fresh Start Church in Peoria, Arizona - a church that has sustained revival for the last seven years! Pastor Kim says she and her husband, Paul, who co-pastors with her at Fresh Start, are “Doorkeepers of Revival.” Doorkeepers hold the door open and facilitate the move that is happening in a place. Pastor Kim shares her story, along with the story of the revival move at their church and how they have sustained it. She gives steps to take in order for churches to take not only to start a move of revival, but also to sustain that move. There will be thresholds to cross and sacrifices to make! Join these two mighty women of God as they talk about being Doorkeepers of Revival!

Airdate: May 21st 2023

Recent Episodes

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