Lori Graham Bakker, is a Mom, grandmother, wife, founder and President of Lori’s House, and the co-host of The Jim Bakker Show.  Her presence at Morningside brings to light the power of God’s hand and heart as she offers her Biblical and experienced wisdom and insight to thousands.

“I have always loved ministering to women, and this show is a prophecy coming to pass to have my heart touch the hearts of women worldwide.”

If you need encouragement, keeping it real, a smile at the challenges we face day to day and how to keep Jesus at the center of it all, please join us every Wednesday on the PTL Network!

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His Blood Speaks - Ginger Ziegler

When you speak “The Blood,” Satan knows you have the authority to overcome! Ginger Ziegler shares with Lori why it’s so critical in these Last Days that believers be taught about the power and authority of the Blood of Jesus! She also talks with Lori about Jesus being her “Boaz,” and how thinking of Him in that way helps her to find strength and comfort every day! Ginger says, “We have to have a power greater than ourselves! God has got to be greater on the inside of us in order to overcome!” She encourages everyone: “You have to have a close relationship with Jesus; you have to KNOW Him!” Join Lori today and hear how you, too, can develop this kind of relationship with Jesus.

Airdate: September 10th 2023

Recent Episodes

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